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Parrots in Paradise Sleep Mask

Project by Stephanie Marsh

You will need:

2 pieces of fabric approx. 22cm x 12cm 1 piece wadding approx. 22cm x 12cm 1 strip fabric 54cm x 6cm Elastic 2cm wide x 32cm

On paper draw the shape of the face mask (or half then fold piece of paper in half and trace onto other side). If you are not confident with drawing a one you can find them free online of the likes of Pinterest.


1. Cut out 3 eye pieces, 2 from the fabrics and 1 from wadding.

2. Take the strip of fabric, fold in half lengthways, sew along the length of the strip using a ½ cm seam allowance.

3. Turn right sides out, press.

4. Fasten a safety pin to one short end of the elastic and feed through the tube of fabric. When the end of the elastic without the safety pin is level with the end of the tube of fabric secure it in place with a few tacking stitches. Keep feeding the elastic through until it comes out the other end. Hold onto the elastic and take the safety pin off. Pull the elastic back in until the end become level with the fabric. Secure in place with some more tacking stitches.

5. Take the wadding eye piece and place it in front of you, place on pf the fabric eye pieces on top, right side up. Place the fabric covered elastic on top, with the raw edges meeting the raw edges of the fabric eye piece. Sew a few stiches through all layers to hold the elastic in place.

6. Take the second fabric eyepiece place right side down on top of the other first piece. Stitch all the way around, using a 1cm seam allowance, leaving a gap at the top on the straight edge. I used a lot of pins to hold this in place to stop fabrics moving.

7. Trim the wadding close to the stitching line. Then trim fabric with pinking shears or clip the curves.

8. Turn right sides out, press and ladder stitch the gap closed.

To see more from Stephanie follow her on Instagram @stephanie_j_marsh.

Made by Stephanie Marsh for The Craft Cotton Co 2022.

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