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Parrots in Paradise Toiletry Bag Roll

Updated: Jun 22, 2022

Project by Stephanie Marsh

You will need:

1 Fat Quarter - Main Fabric (A) 1 Fat Quarter - Inside Main Fabric (B) 0.5m - Wadding 1 Fat Quarter - Binding and Zip Strip (C) 1 Fat Quarter - Tie and Handing Loop (D) 0.5m - Clear Sewable PVC 0.5m 90cm - Continuous Zip with 3 pulls 2 - D Rings 1”


1. Cut the following:

  • Fabric A - 1 off 30cm x 48cm – main back.

  • Wadding - 1 off 30cm x 48cm.

  • Fabric B - 1 off 30cm x 48cm – main lining.

  • Fabric C - 2 off 32cm x 5cm for top and bottom Bindings, 2 off 50cm x 5cm for side bindings, 6 off 30cm x 5cm for zip strips.

  • Fabric D - 1 off 11cm x 6cm for hanging loop, 1 off 30cm x 6cm for tie.

  • Zips - 3 off 30cm, with a pull on each one.

  • Clear Sewable PVC - 1 off 12.5cm x 30cm bottom pocket, 2 off 14cm x 30cm top and middle pocket.

2. Take the back and main lining pieces and place them on either side of the wadding, right sides facing outwards. Pin and tack together. Put to one side.

3. Make the hanging loop and tie by folding them in half lengthwise with right sides together, using a 0.5cm seam allowance sew along the long edge and one of the short edges on the tie.

4. Trim off the corner of the tie at the sewing edge, just to the sewn line.

5. Turn them right sides out, press and put to one side.

6. Now sew the zip strips onto the top off all 3 and bottom of 2 of the clear pocket pieces. Take the fabric strips and press onto the wrong side 1cm along the long of one of the edges, then match the raw edges of the long side un-pressed strips with the pocket pieces along, sew in place using a 1cm seam allowance. Finger them upwards, do not use the iron, you will melt the pocket pieces.

7. Fold the strips in half lengthways so the folded edge just covers the first stitched line. From the right side stitch in place.

8. Using a zipper foot, stitch 2 zips in place along each of the folded edges of 2 pairs of the zip strips. Sew the 3rd zip along the top of zip strip so it looks like the picture below.

9. Take the last zip strip and fold it half lengthwise and stitch on the last free zip edge.

10. Place the pockets on top of the main front / wadding / lining piece. Using a large stitch matching stitch / tack in place using a 0.25cm seam allowance.

11. On the topstitching of the zip strips create 3 pockets by stitching from one side to another on the bottom of the top 2 pockets.

12. Take the hanging loop and place the 2 d-rings on it and fold in half short ways so that the d-rings are enclosed in the loop.

13. Take the tie and handing loop and place on the back at the top on the main pieces, in the centre. Tack in place.

14. Trim all edges for that they are square and even.

15. Take the side strip and matching raw edges place right sides together on the back of the roll. Stitch in place 0.5cm from the edge. Fold over 0.5cm of the unsewn edge of the side strips, fold over onto the pocket side of the roll so that the folded edge is just covering the first row of stitching, top stitch in place. Trim the end of the strips level with the end of the roll.

16. Do the same with the bottom and top strips, but before you fold them over to the pocket side fold in the raw short edges.

To see more from Stephanie follow her on Instagram @stephanie_j_marsh.

Made by Stephanie Marsh for The Craft Cotton Co 2022.

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