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Poppy Cushion

Project by Angela Harkness

Poppies for remembrance...make a beautiful cushion in remembrance.


0.5m of black Poppies fabric

0.5m white craft cotton


Heat and bond

Fabric spray adhesive

Black zip 18” long


Step 1: Draw out a freestyle poppy outline onto the paper side of the heat and bond, adhere to the reverse of the black poppies fabric and cut out.

Step 2:

Cut white cotton fabric WOFx16” then adhere the wadding to the back of the white cotton fabric with spray adhesive. Find the centre of the panel and bond the poppy in pace using a dry iron.

Step 3: Carefully free motion stitch around the outer edge of the poppy, retrace the stitches three or four times to give a sketchy appearance. Once happy with the outline, free motion stitch the centre of the poppy in a circular motion and then add in some stamens and petal edges.

Step 4: Echo quilt around the poppy edge three times to give the poppy further definition against the plain white backing.

Step 5: Trim the panel to 43” x 15” then insert the zip down the centre of the back cushion. Topstitch once inserted.

Step 6: Make the binding for the cushion edging:

· Cut fabric strips 3” wide

· Join the strips together on the angle

· Press the strip in half along the length

· Stitch around all four edges of the cushion front, mitring the corners

· Trim away any excess zip

Fold over the binding and flip to the back and hand stitch in place.

To see more from Angela, visit her on Instagram @angerellas_crafts

Made by Angela Harkness for the Craft Cotton Company 2021

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