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Dog Walking Bag

I take my dog Molly on lots of walks every day; it’s always useful to have a cross-body bag to carry all the doggy things I need for Molly’s walks. I’ve made this bag with this in mind, with a clip on the outside for those doggy bag essentials, I hope you like it!

You will need:

  • Craft Cotton Co. Paw Pals Printed Fat Quarter pack of 6.

  • Co-ordinating thread

  • Fusible Fleece

  • Sewing machine, pins or clips

  • Erasable fabric pen

How to make:

Press fabrics on a cotton setting first. Use a ¼ “seam allowance throughout the project.

To make the pattern template:

Take a piece of template paper (I used normal copy paper and sticky-taped it together) measuring 11 ½ inches x 11 ½ inches square.

From the top, measure in ½ inch each side and 6 inches down each side. Draw a line joining these and cut this out, this makes the top of the bag smaller so the bag will be tapered.

Next, from the 6 inch point at the side of the bag, use a plate and curve the bottom of each side of the bag as in the picture.

When you have the bag shape, folder the template down the middle to see that both sides are the same and trim if necessary.

Mark each curved corner, draw a line 1 ½ inch inwards (3 inches from the edge of the first template) then measure ½ inch each side, and draw these lines to the same point, these will form the darts.

Now you have your bag template.

Cutting out your fabric:

Take the Paw Pals Fat Quarter pack and cut into 3 inch squares.

Arrange into the pattern you would like and at this point it’s a good idea to take a photo to remember the pattern!

Sew strips together and then join the strips to form the patchwork.

Make up the patchwork for both sides of the bag then place the template onto the patchwork to cut out the outer bags.

Cut out two pieces for the outside of the bag in the patchwork fabrics

Cut out two pieces from the lining fabric.

Cut out two pieces from the fusible fleece.

When you cut all of these out, make sure that you transfer the darts using an erasable pen.

Bag Straps:

Measure how long you would like the bag strap to be, I measured around 40 to 50 inches.

Sew a length of the 3 inch squares together to make the bag strap.

Sew together along the length, press and fold together then sew along the sides and bottom.

Outside clip:

Using one of the 3 inch squares, fold and press the sides in together, folder again and sew, this time making sure the ends are tucked in to give a clean finish.

Take your clip and fold the fabric over the clip.

Position this on the bag where you would like the clip to be and sew onto one of the outsides of the bag. (I used one I had from a trolley coin clip). Sew onto the bag securely.

Sewing the bag together:

First sew the darts on each piece of fabric and the fusible fleece.

Next iron the fusible fleece onto the wrong side of the patchwork pieces.

Sew the patchwork bag together.

Sew the lining together, making sure that you leave 3 to 4 inches open at the bottom of the bag.

Position your bag straps onto the inside of the patchwork bag, and then sew these in.

Place the patchwork bag inside the lining and sew together around all of the edges, making sure that the straps are tucked in well.

Then turn the bag the right side out and then sew up the gap you’ve left in the lining.

Press the bag and top stitch around the top and you’re ready to go.

Made by Sally Mitton for The Craft Cotton Co 2017

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