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'Happy & Glorious' Jubilee Fold Away Tote Bag

Updated: May 31, 2022

Project by Stephanie Marsh

You will need:

  • 32” x 26” main fabric (corgis)

  • 1 fat quarter navy cotton

  • 1 fat quarter red cotton

  • 30” cord

  • Cord stopper

  • Matching thread

  • ¼ inch seam allowance used throughout unless otherwise stated.


1. Cut out the following:

  • Main fabric - 2 bag mains 15” x 15”

  • Navy - 2 handles 2.5” x 14”

- 2 draw string casing 2.5” x 8”

  • Red - 2 facings 15” x 2”

- 2 pockets 1 x 7” square cut in half diagonally

2. Take the casing pieces and press ¼” to the wrong size, stitch in place.

3. Press them in half lengthways, wrong sides together and stitch ½” away from folded edge.

4. Take the bag handles, fold in half lengthways right sides together, stitch ¼” from the long raw edges.

5. Turn them right sides out, press.

6. Take the main bag pieces and mark up 6.5” from one corner along the bottom and then 6.5” up the side, repeat on the other piece, but from the other corner (a mirror image).

7. Draw a diagonal line from each point to the other, using tailors chalk or a dressmakers pen.

8. Place the casing on the line, raw edge ¼” over towards the point of the bag. Pin in place.

9. Take one of the red triangles and place the diagonal edge on top of the casing level with the raw edges of the casing. Stitch in place all along the diagonal line.

10. Repeat on the other bag piece, remember to make a mirror image.

11. At the top of each bag piece mark the centre, then place a pin 2 inches either side.

12. Repeat on the other bag piece, remember to make a mirror image.

At the top of each bag piece mark the centre, then place a pin 2 inches either side.

13. Take a facing piece and pin, right sides together, across the top of the bag, stitch in place using ½” seam allowance, back stick over the handles to reinforce them.

14. Press the bag pieces well, press the seam allowances up on the bag facings and press the red triangles towards the bottom point of the bag.

15. I used a French seam to sew the main body of the bag together so all the raw edges are enclosed. To do this place the bag pieces wrong sides together, matching the facing seams and the triangles. Stitch around using a ¼” seam allowance.

16. Neaten / straighten up any seam allowance and trim the corners.

17. Turn the bag right side in, press the seams flat, carefully poke out the corners. Pin around the bag, and sew around all the three sides using a seam allowance of just over ¼”.

18. On the top edge of the facing press to the wring side ¼” in, then press the whole of the facing to the wrong side of the bag. Pin and stitch in place.

19. Take the cord and using a safety pin thread it through the blue casing (the channel next to the red triangle) from the side, out at the bottom, then in at the bottom on the other side and out through the side.

20. Press down the cord stop toggle, thread both end of the cord through and tie in a knot.

To fold the bag away push it all into the corner with the red triangle and pull the cord tight with the cord stopper.

To see more from Stephanie follow her on Instagram @stephanie_j_marsh.

Made by Stephanie Marsh for The Craft Cotton Co 2022.

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